The FitFlop and Benefits of Toning Shoes

Published: 05th July 2010
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The FitFlop is an excellent way to tone the body, strengthen the muscles and gain important health benefits.

The FitFlop has become something of a sensation of late for the toning and health benefits it offers which can easily be incorporated into any simple daily activity.

Toning shoes now comprise 6 out of the top 10 bestselling women's athletic shoes and it is not difficult to see why they have become so popular. With the time pressures now faced, getting more of a gym workout without having to commit the time or the money is highly attractive. The range of styles on the market mean that they are now even easier to combine with daily attire whether at home, the office or working out!

The toning shoe sensation started in 2007 with the launch of the FitFlop, a new style of sandal which incorporated new technology to stimulate the muscles in the legs into more action and to correct the posture of the body to ease the pressures placed on the joints.

FitFlops feature the Microwobbleboard™ in the midsole which is the centre of the toning power of the sandals. Constructed from triple density EVA foam, it offers maximum shock absorption in the dense heel section, soft foam in the middle which prolongs muscle activity and brings more muscles into play, and mid density foam in the toe for a firm push off. The footwear increases muscle activity in the lower body by up to 30%.

However the health benefits the Fit Flop offers make the shoes popular as a stylish therapeutic and orthopaedic shoe. The construction of the sole recreates barefoot waking in soft sand, promoting a similar cushioned and smooth transition from heel to toe. The shoes change the posture to a more natural walking gait, relieving the pressure on the joints in the legs and the strain on the muscles in the lower back.

Fit Flop has been inundated with praise from sufferers of painful joint conditions for the pain relief which they have been given.

The range of medical conditions which have been reported to be eased when wearing Fit Flops is extensive. In addition to helping many conditions, wearing FitFlop can help the conditions never to appear in the first place due to the excellent posture correction properties of the sandals.

Style, posture correction, muscle toning, fat burning and cellulite break down. The surprise is not that there are 6 toning shoes now in the top ten, but that there are still 4 standard trainers in list!

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